Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ministry Job Postings (August 12)


2 More positions: 1 Pulpit, 1 Youth Ministry

**Hey, I've got an entire packet of information about the youth minister position, if interested. I'll e-mail it to ya'.**

1.Youth Minister
Dear Applicant,
Mandarin Church of Christ is seeking a full time youth minister. We are a loving and growing congregation located in Jacksonville, Florida. The successful candidate will plan and deliver youth programs to junior and senior high school students. Please review the attached candidate package for job description specifics and a profile of our congregation. Youth Minister salary will be commensurate with candidate experience. Submit resumes to: Mandarin Church of Christ, Attention – Youth Minister Search Committee, 12791 Saint Augustine Florida 32258; or e mail to For additional information, call 904 268 5683.

2. Pulpit Minister
Linary Church of Christ is seeking a pulpit minister who will capably meet
the obligations of preaching, teaching and facilitating the continued growth
of the congregation and its various ministries.

Interested individuals should send a cover letter and resume to Linary
Church of Christ, Minister Search Committee, 1244 Old Highway 28,
Crossville, Tennessee, 38555, or email same

For general information regarding Linary Church of Christ, please visit our
website at, or contact the church office at 931-484-5961.

Salary and benefits are commensurate with education and experience.

Thanks again, David

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Preaching Job Opening (August 5)

Here's another job opening to check out! Hot off the press! They are seeking someone NOW!

Ottawa, Kansas; 25-30 miles SW of Lawrence, KS;
The 15th Street church of Christ, Ottawa, KS, a 102 year- old
congregation, is seeking a full-time pulpit preacher , able and
willing to work with youth, to be a part of our family for years.
If married, wife must be supportive and actively involved in the work
of the congregation.
Ottawa is an ideal community fin many ways, including its location.
Sunday morning attendance is 70-100. We have a modern building and
classrooms on seven-acre site in a desirable area of Ottawa.

Call Pat Robinson, 785-893-4184, or email:
for further information, or send a resume to:
Pat Robinson, 3740 E. 245th, Lyndon, KS 66451

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

2 Preaching Job Openings

Attention all BVBID'ers,

I received information on 2 new job openings over the last week!

1. Lynn Lane church of Christ
Idabel, Oklahoma; Full-Time Minister; 85 member congregation
Located in SE Oklahoma.

Their e-mail remarks follow:

My name is Corey Green and I worship with the Lynn Lane church of Christ in
Idabel, OK. Luke Guthrie, a former Bear Valley student (one of the many we
have helped support at Bear Valley thru the years) gave me your name and
contact information.

As stated, we are searching for a full time minister to come and work with
us in Idabel. We are a faithful congregation of about 85 members in
southeast Oklahoma. We currently have two part time ministers working with
us, but we have reached a point where we believe a full time minister could
help us more. We are hoping to find a young to middle aged minister with a
young family who is strong in the faith. We have a good number of young
families and children and hope to really stregnthen this group as well as
our older members.

We would greatly appreciate any help you give us in our search. If I need
to send any specific information, please let me know. Please feel free to
pass this information on to anyone you know who may be interested in working
with us. You can contact me via this email or my cell number is

Thanks for your time and help.


2. Hydro church of Christ
Hydro, Oklahoma; 60-70 member congregation; 65 miles from Oklahoma City, OK

Their e-mail remarks follow:

The Hydro (Oklahoma) Church of Christ is looking for a preacher to fill our pulpit
and evangelism in our community. If you know of any that are interested in
helping us with this work please feel free to call , email, or forward their
resume and any recordings of sermons they might have. Thank you in advance.

Kent Abbott

**Any Questions?? Just call or e-mail me!!**


Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Way to Becoming a Christian

Dorothy was instructed to follow the yellow brick road. Her desire was to get back to Kansas and ultimately back to where she belonged…home. The way to Christianity and ultimately into the arms of a loving Father requires us to follow directions which will keep us from deviation. Many in the world wish to tell you there are various ways to be a Christian but unfortunately they neglect Scripture or the seriousness of Scripture. If Dorothy were to listen to the world today she would be told that any color road will get her to the same destination. Let’s examine the required directions to take in order to become a Christian.

Hearing God’s word initiates a truth seeker’s journey which draws us closer to a relationship with the Lord. When we hear His words and they pierce our heart and mind we begin to develop a faith (Romans 10:17) which encourages our desire to know Him better.

Believing that God sent His Son to redeem man for his sins is an incredibly important step that cannot be over looked. Belief in God’s scheme of redemption doesn’t just create a nice, warm-fuzzy feeling. In the Bible, the word belief is either coupled with an obedient action or inferred when relating to a belief and personal relationship in God (Acts 8:12, 36, 38; John 3:36).

Repentance is a result from being convicted by God’s word that we are truly guilty of sin. What repentance is, is a determined action to turn away from our evil deeds or basically, do an ‘about face’ in our current walk towards destruction. A truth seeker desires to please God because their love and faith is now directed at God’s will (Acts 2:37-38).

Confessing Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior is another crucial step for the truth seeker. Jesus states that the person who confesses Him before man will be confessed before God the Father (Matt. 10:32). Also, confessing Christ Jesus as Lord is just a part of the whole in the journey to being a Christian (Romans 10:9). The love for God and His will is so overwhelming that it cannot be held in and He wants that love to pour out by expressing it through words.

Baptism is the final step along the way to becoming a Christian. The book of Acts shows numerous accounts of people completing their search for God through baptism (Acts 2:38-41; 8:12, 38; 9:18; 10:48; 16:15, 33; 18:8). These people, too, had a destination to reach and followed God’s perfectly planned road to redemption.

Will you follow the correct road to everlasting life in Christ?

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Why the Church is a Blessing

From Okinawa to North Carolina to Illinois to Texas, back to Illinois and on to Missouri then to Nebraska and finally to Colorado. Oh wait, on to Georgia and now back to Colorado. My family and I have been a part of many congregations and have been the partakers of many blessings. The blessings of the church manifests itself in so many ways within each local assembly, but everywhere we go or have been, there are three consistencies to acknowledge.

The first is the blessing of fellowship in the church. The companionship with the saints provides so much edification or building up spiritually. Our family’s faith has been and continues to be refreshed and fortified through our bond and unity with the brethren. Relationships made are rich and will continue thru this lifetime and thru eternity. Furthermore, when Christians fellowship with the saints we also are in fellowship with God the Father and Jesus (1 John 1:3). What a joy!

The second blessing is the food in the church. Oh now, we all know about the churches of Christ and their ability to add girth to our bodies, but the delicious food I mention here is of the spiritual type. God’s word has always been served up abundantly on a regular basis. If you will, the teachings of the Lord’s church gives adequate nutrition to the body. The brotherhood never misses a meal and the dessert upon which we receive comes thru programs like: Men’s and Women’s Bible studies, devotional periods, lectureships, just to name a few. With dependable, seasonal preaching (2 Tim. 4:2), both milk and solid food are rich blessings in the church of Christ.

Finally, the blessing of being in the family of God, the greatest family on earth, is in the church. What’s important to point out is that it is not the act of any congregation to “add” someone to God’s family. When we are obedient to God’s word (Acts 2:38) and submit to His will, He does the adding to His own family (Acts 2:47). As a child, I would get so excited knowing I was going to Grandma’s house to see all of my relatives. Now, as a Christian, it excites me knowing I get to see my family members at steady doses throughout the week.

You’ll discover rich blessings being a child of God. The blessings of being in fellowship, partaking of spiritual food, and having the greatest family ever all flow forth from our Heavenly Father because He loves us so!