Monday, September 10, 2012

Preachers That Teach

by Ed Wharton

Fellowship In The Gospel Newsletter
Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver
May 1968

Upon re-thinking the Biblical definition of the work of the local preacher it occurs to me that teaching plays a major role in the God-ordained task of the evangelist. Simply stated, God ordained the preacher to (1) teach the lost (Matt. 20:19) and (2) to continue to teach the church thereafter (Matt. 28:20). It’s the method of expediting this work which often makes the difference in the preacher’s fruit-bearing.

Preachers continually deplore the lack of spiritual growth manifested among the membership. But however your pulpit preaching and classroom teaching may grow out of conscientious preparation and enthusiastic delivery just remember this: It lacks that personal touch. And ONLY personal teaching can supply much that is needed for converting the lost and maturing the spiritual babe. Furthermore, what CAN and SHOULD be taught to one is not necessarily what MAY be taught to another. It depends on where they are spiritually. They may be down right carnal! Yet they may at the same time be likeable and very teachable.

Let’s re-read the Bible and get some of that teaching and preaching out of the formal pulpit-classroom situation. Get it back to an informal house-to-house situation where you can drink coffee, lean back and listen to the other fellow’s question, and have time to give a sufficient answer.

In the following I want to discuss four phases of teaching which the preacher can fill up his time with overnight! Each phase is on a different level progressing from the the rudiments to the stronger meat of the Word. All but one, the last one, are in the home, couched in the informal atmosphere so conducive to that personal touch.

1. Teach The Lost. In his home or yours, that is. The greatest task here is setting up the class; finding the person who is willing to let you teach him. But that’s your job! When you win that soul the church has experienced growth. Til this is a part of your life, you just are not a New Testament preacher.

2. Teach Members of the Church. In your house! This requires that you go beyond first principles…at least eventually. This type of class is a cinch to set up. It requires almost no effort to get more than you’d really want in a home Bible Study. Just ask a couple of families to come over to your house on a regular basis for a couple of months of real down-to-earth Bible study. If they’ve already found out you know something and can teach it they’ll jump at the opportunity. No sweat. This class will be very rewarding for you both.

3. Teach the teachers of the local congregation. That is, in your home. This is “teacher training” in the Bible itself. That may well be a switch from the kind they have been used to. Seldom do local teachers excel the preacher in knowledge of the Bible. If they are sincere they will learn something. If not, you will! You may be educated when you learn from them what they “thought” the Bible taught on some very important subjects. A sobering thought is this: these local teachers are teaching (?) your wife and children. Are you confident in this? If not, do something about it; teach the teachers! This is an effective means of providing for greater spiritual growth of the local church. Remember, 2 Tim. 2:2 is addressed to the preacher! This level of teaching is yet more requiring than the others.

4. Teach intensive Bible courses. This is the only one of the four which I recommend being taught in the formal classroom situation. Purpose: To educate the church in the Bible. To increase their Christianity. What do you mean “intensive” ? Remember what it’s like back in the classroom at a school of preaching. Then, pour it on! They’ll love it! Provided, of course, that you do. Give them assignments, themes to write, memory work. (Careful: do not overload) If you are energetic and knowledgeable and have a good-natured approach the will literally eat it up. I promise.

I speak out of experience. The above formula will work. It will provide growth both numerically and spiritually. And a final motivation I might mention just here: when the church grows through the preacher’s efforts he doesn’t have to move every year or two. Right?

Thursday, May 24, 2012

100 Days of Scripture 2012

It's back! Thanks to some wonderful encouragement from my bride, Laura Warnes, my family, and my friends Esther Morris, Richard Hill, and J. Randal Matheny, the 100 Days of Scripture will continue in 2012!

This year we will tackle reading the New Testament from Memorial Day weekend (May 27) thru Labor Day weekend (September 3). A very BIG Thank You goes out to Richard Hill, Steve Higginbotham, and the Miller St. church of Christ on this year's idea!

Below, is the daily schedule for us to follow throughout the summer. This is a schedule that I have put together that will not be according to chronological order, nor from any other 'daily reading' plan. Richard has helped me with the chapter break down and, thru our discussion, will have a little rhyme and reasoning to the schedule. You'll see that we start right off with John's writings and then later keep Luke's writings together (Luke & Acts) as if we are reading volume 1 and volume 2 of his inspired writings. I've also tried to make sure we are not reading too many large books in consecutive order.

Thanks for participating and enjoy God's Word this summer!!

Day # Book/Chapter

Day 1 John 1-2
Day 2 John 3-4
Day 3 John 5-6
Day 4 John 7-8
Day 5 John 9-10
Day 6 John 11-12
Day 7 John 13-14
Day 8 John 15-17
Day 9 John 18-19
Day 10 John 20-21
Day 11 1 John 1-3
Day 12 1 John 4-5
Day 13 2 John & 3 John
Day 14 Revelation 1-3
Day 15 Revelation 4-9
Day 16 Revelation 10-13
Day 17 Revelation 14-18
Day 18 Revelation 19-22
Day 19 1 Thessalonians 1-3
Day 20 1 Thessalonians 4-5
Day 21 2 Thessalonians 1-3
Day 22 James 1-2
Day 23 James 3-5
Day 24 1 Peter 1-2
Day 25 1 Peter 3-5
Day 26 2 Peter 1-3
Day 27 Mark 1-3
Day 28 Mark 4-5
Day 29 Mark 6-7
Day 30 Mark 8-9
Day 31 Mark 10-11
Day 32 Mark 12-13
Day 33 Mark 14-16
Day 34 Galatians 1-2
Day 35 Galatians 3-4
Day 36 Galatians 5-6
Day 37 Colossians 1-2
Day 38 Colossians 3-4
Day 39 1 Corinthians 1-4
Day 40 1 Corinthians 5-7
Day 41 1 Corinthians 8-11
Day 42 1 Corinthians 12-14
Day 43 1 Corinthians 15-16
Day 44 2 Corinthians 1-4
Day 45 2 Corinthians 5-7
Day 46 2 Corinthians 8-9
Day 47 2 Corinthians 10-11
Day 48 2 Corinthians 12-13
Day 49 Ephesians 1-3
Day 50 Ephesians 4-6
Day 51 Philippians 1-2
Day 52 Philippians 3-4
Day 53 Luke 1-2
Day 54 Luke 3-4
Day 55 Luke 5-7
Day 56 Luke 8-10
Day 57 Luke 11-12
Day 58 Luke 13-15
Day 59 Luke 16-18
Day 60 Luke 19-21
Day 61 Luke 22-24
Day 62 Acts 1-2
Day 63 Acts 3-5
Day 64 Acts 6-7
Day 65 Acts 8-9
Day 66 Acts 10-12
Day 67 Acts 13-15
Day 68 Acts 16-18
Day 69 Acts 19-20
Day 70 Acts 21-23
Day 71 Acts 24-26
Day 72 Acts 27-28
Day 73 1 Timothy 1-3
Day 74 1 Timothy 4-6
Day 75 2 Timothy 1-2
Day 76 2 Timothy 3-4
Day 77 Romans 1-3
Day 78 Romans 4-5
Day 79 Romans 6-8
Day 80 Romans 9-11
Day 81 Romans 12-13
Day 82 Romans 14-16
Day 83 Philemon & Jude
Day 84 Matthew 1-4
Day 85 Matthew 5-7
Day 86 Matthew 8-9
Day 87 Matthew 10-11
Day 88 Matthew 12-13
Day 89 Matthew 14-15
Day 90 Matthew 16-18
Day 91 Matthew 19-21
Day 92 Matthew 22-23
Day 93 Matthew 24-25
Day 94 Matthew 26-28
Day 95 Titus 1-3
Day 96 Hebrews 1-3
Day 97 Hebrews 4-6
Day 98 Hebrews 7-9
Day 99 Hebrews 10-11
Day 100 Hebrews 12-13

In His service,

Think upon this: We read thicker novels, biographies, and many other forms of literature without complaining...Why not read our 'thin' New Testaments within 100 days?!