Tuesday, January 28, 2014

BestDad-2-BestKids "Play the Game"


The past two weeks in Denver all there has been is talk, talk, talk about the big game on Sunday. I'm guessing the sports talk show hosts might come up with a creative way to make the coin toss exciting if they lose material to discuss, but one thing is sure, no outcome will be determined until they play the game.

Do you wonder what it would be like for you, or sports in general, if the game was not played this Sunday and it was constantly postponed? I imagine the talk would continue, the game planning would continue until the excitement wore off due to the fact, it will never take place. Everyone would pack up and go home.

Let me share with you my problem as a dad (one of many, I might mention). I am a DREAMER! Yep, a full-fledged, bona fide dreamer. My poor wife and kids have gone through occasions where their hopes of a trip, event, plan were squashed due to my big plans with NO follow through. Were my intentions good? You bet! But my priorities did not show it as cancellation was eminent and being able to "play the game" evaporated before their sight.

This isn't exclusively about big plans or promises, but also includes those little promises like, "Dad, do you wanna go outside and ride bikes together?", "Uh, Yeah, I can do that with you pretty soon." Minutes later...something else took priority. Again, I write with a resume' full of blunders and I want that to permanently change for me and, if it applies, for you, too!

Jesus made it clear in Matthew 5:37 that our statement of "yes" or "no", should be just that, "yes" or "no". Our words, then the action that follows, shows how honorable we are. I want to encourage one another to hone our priority skills by continuing to give our families top billing, as you lead them to love the Lord your God with all heart, soul, mind and strength (cf. Mark 12:30). Also, do not stop dreaming or planning! As we prioritize and pray, our plans will develop, or they won't, but either way we can give a solid "yes" or "no" and maintain our word honorably.

Keep being the best dad to the best children!