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A Ready Recollection: Uplifting Archives

As the Director of Alumni Relations for the Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver (BVBID), I orchestrate the school's alumni publication "Uplift" (and may I add, I'm NO journalist!). But I've enjoyed the opportunity to fumble through old articles of past heroes in The Faith and many times minutes in the old articles have turned to hours. I'm going to start a section in our "Uplift" called A Ready Recollection which will feature 'classic' articles from the past 30+ years that BVBID has published "Uplift".

This article I'm posting now was from Warren Wilcox who received his reward into Glory in 2008. Warren and his beautiful wife, Carolyn, served the school for over 40 years together and Carolyn contiues laboring for the Lord at the Bear Valley church of Christ and BVBID.

If you are interested in receiving "Uplift" from the institute, PLEASE let me know and give me your church address or personal address. Thanks!

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*Enjoy the article below*

A Ready Recollection: Uplifting Archives
“The Most Misunderstood Motive”
by Warren Wilcox
(Uplift, March/April 1988)

I didn’t always let my kids go everywhere they wanted to go, have everything they wanted (even if I could have afforded it), nor do everything they wanted to do. That didn’t always make me popular (I hope it will someday). I acted this way because of love. Love is the most misunderstood motive in the world.
Love caused Jesus to call religious leaders hypocrites (Matthew 23). It got Him crucified. Love caused Jesus to teach with the authority of God when He spoke the words of God. I caused people to question Him (Matthew 21:23). Love caused Jesus to tell the religious leaders of the day who would not repent they would be destroyed. They sought to “lay hold on Him.”
More examples could be offered, but the point is this: Love does not always allow people to go on in their regular way of life – it tells them where they are wrong and what they need to do to get better. At least that’s what Jesus’ love did.
I often hear about Jesus’ love and I am glad He showed it to the world and especially to us as Christians. However, we must understand that love, real love, demands that we not only have tender feelings toward the lost, those in sin, those whose lives are messed up, etc. but also demands that we tell them (even insist) that they get their lives in harmony with God’s laws. This includes those who have never become Christians, those who have but have fallen away, and those who because of believing false doctrine or who are living in immorality are headed towards apostacy. That’s what Jesus did. And it cost Him His popularity and His life. It may cost us the same. But that’s love,. Real love. And God rewards it. It may even require us to tell those who preach “love” to learn what it really is (Hebrews 12:5-11).
P.S. I Love You.

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