Saturday, December 6, 2008

Apt to ...COOK?

No, this picture has not been doctored in any way, shape or form. What you are observing is an eldership in work! This morning at the Bear Valley church of Christ many deacons and preachers were treated to the second monthly breakfast meeting hosted by these fine men. Harry Denewiler (not pictured), Mark Hanstein, Clint Stephens, Brian Wilkie, and Maynard Woolley should be applauded for their active service for God's kingdom. In my 21 years of being a Christian, never before have I seen an eldership take their role as shepherds as seriously as these men have (I'm talkin' 10 congregations or so). Did you know these men meet every other Thursday night to discuss church business for usually a minimum of 3 hours? That also means their families are making a sacrifice in order for the congregation to be properly watched. Is that all they do? By all means, no. Just watch these men if you get the chance. Daily they are submitting themselves to God's will. See them as they care for the spiritually and physically ill. Watch as they strive to meet and welcome every visitor that passes through the doors. Biblical truths are being taught in every aspect of education and worship here. And so on and so forth.
If you get the opportunity, thank these humble men and their families for their love and dedication to God's will (1 Peter 5:1-5). Oh, and if you haven't already, pray for them daily.

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