Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I love the weather! Did you know that? But what I love more is knowing God created it. Last night was an amazing display of God's creation of weather. Some areas of Denver reported 80-90mph winds from this phenomenon called a Chinook wind. This is a common feature for us on the leeward side of the Rockies. What always comes to mind when I observe wind of this magnitude is how God managed to evaporate the waters of the Great Flood. In Genesis 8:1, "...God caused a wind to pass over the earth"(emphasis mine). God didn't have to bring on a wind at all to dry up the water. He could have just made the flood disappear in an instant but He didn't. He created that wind that began the evaporation process. This was and is His world and He has a specific purpose for all elements created. Also, in Genesis 8:2 "...the fountains of the deep and the floodgates of the sky were closed, and the rain from the sky was restrained"(again, emphasis mine). When I see such actions by God such as Him closing the fountains of the deep and floodgates and Him restraining the rain from falling then I know, without a doubt, that He created all the weather patterns and elements that exist. I've never viewed weather forecasting as a challenge to see if I could "out guess" God, but rather as a challenge to understand His beautiful creation better. He is the One who has put all in motion with a loving purpose. All Laws of Science (Laws of God) are His and for us to try to understand, if we want to, but they are definitely here for us to enjoy.


J. Michael Hite said...

I am glad I was out of town for that! Matthew hates windy nights! It is great to see God's power at play though...thanks for the thoughts.

Headmaster said...

Love it!