Thursday, May 23, 2013

100 Days of Scripture ~ Daily Schedule (May 26-June 8)

Here's what the first 2 weeks will look like. The entire schedule is done and I will post it at a later time.

Things to remember:
Everyday there is reading.
Every Monday there are new memory verses introduced.
Every Tuesday there is a new song introduced to learn and sing for the week.
Every Thursday there is a new word/term introduced to study.
Every Saturday, when time permits, review all memory verses, songs and study.

If you have ANY questions, please ask me at anytime! Thanks!

100 Days = May 26th (Sunday) thru September 2nd (Monday)

Week 1 (Sunday - Saturday)
May 26th: Proverbs 26, Colossians 1 (read these)
May 27th: Proverbs 27, Colossians 2 (read these)
(Monday Memory work begins: Colossians 1:3-6)
May 28th: Proverbs 28, Colossians 3 (read these)
(Tuesday Song: "Ancient Words")
May 29th: Proverbs 29, Colossians 4 (read these)
May 30th: Proverbs 30, Psalms 1-3 (read these)
(Thursday Study on the word "heard")
May 31sr: Proverbs 31, Psalms 4-5 (read these)
June 1st: Proverbs 1, Psalms 6-7 (read these)
(Saturday Review: Memory work, song, word study)

Week 2 (Sunday - Saturday)
June 2nd: Proverbs 2, Psalms 8-9 (read these)
June 3rd: Proverbs 3, Psalms 10-11 (read these)
(Monday Memory work begins: Colossians 1:13-16)
June 4th: Proverbs 4, Psalms 12-14 (read these)
(Tuesday Song: "His Grace Reaches Me")
June 5th: Proverbs 5, Psalms 15-17 (read these)
June 6th: Proverbs 6, Psalm 18 (read these)
(Thursday Study on the word "rescued")
June 7th: Proverbs 7, Psalm 19 (read these)
June 8th: Proverbs 8, Psalms 20-21 (read these)
(Sautrday Review: Memory work, song, word study)

* I will post a YouTube link for every song AND I will post the word/term study separately on the Facebook Page and here on my blog.*

Finally, do what you can and what you can do, do for the Lord!

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