Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Song: "His Grace Reaches Me" Lyrics & Link

"His Grace Reaches Me"-


Deeper than the ocean
and wider than the sea
is the grace of the Savior
for sinners like me

Sent from the Father
and it thrills my soul
Just to feel and to know
That His blood makes me whole


His grace reaches me
Yes, His grace reaches me
And ‘twill last thru eternity

Now I'm under His control
and I'm happy in my soul
Just to know
that His grace reaches me

Higher than the mountain
and brighter than the sun
it was offered at Calv'ry
for ev'ry one

Greatest of treasures
and it's mine today
Tho' my sins were as scarlet
He has washed them away


Whitey Gleason
Stamps Quartet Music Co., Inc.

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