Wednesday, May 25, 2011

100 Days of Scripture (Week #1)

This may be easier to view!

Alright, here is the first batch of verses!
Before giving them to you, remember, the idea is to do your best to memorize them but to not get frustrated. Also, there will be verses with "Combo Days". For example, you will get Romans 1:16-17, this means verse 16 applies to one day and verse 17 applies to the next day. You do not memorize v. 16-17 in one day.

Week #1 will have verses I have titled, "Only God's Word Saves". These verses are;
Day 1: James 1:21;
Days 2-3: Romans 1:16-17;
Days 4-7: Luke 24:44-47.

This will cover May 29th - June 4th (Sunday - Saturday). I will repost these verses throughout the week and post each individual verses on that day to memorize it.
Any questions, just fire away.
Memorizing God's Word AND having fun ARE compatible! :)


Warren Baldwin said...

Good challenge! Hope you guys are doing well. wb

Jon Warnes said...

thanks Warren. Hey we'll be in Red River. Hope to see you there!