Sunday, May 29, 2011

Can I Memorize All 100 Verses???

I friend shared a story with me that I thought might be an encouragement to us all!

Gay Atnip shares:
"The comments being made about faulty memories made me think of this story. It's too long to post, but I wanted to share it with you in case you hadn't heard it:

'The story is told of young boy who lived in a house on a hill. Behind the house, at the bottom of the hill was a small creek. The boy’s father often instructed his son to memorize portions of the Bible. Unfortunately, the boy had a learning disability that made it very difficult for him to retain information.

One day the boy cried out in frustration, “Dad, it’s no use! I can’t remember these verses. I have tried but it just doesn’t work."

The man took his son out to the back porch of their house. He pointed to a bucket that was bent, dirty and even had a couple of holes in it. “Son,” he said, “Would you please take that bucket down to the creek, fill it with water and bring it back to me?”

The boy realized that the bucket had holes in it, but he obeyed his father. By the time he made it back up the hill, all the water had leaked out of the bucket. His father had him do it again, and again. Finally, the boy said, “Dad, it’s no use! This bucket has holes in it and won’t hold water.”

The man replied, “Yes, that’s true. But look how clean it is now.' "

Even if we can’t remember every jot and tittle of God’s Word, it still has a cleansing effect on us. Let us get into the Word, but more importantly, let the Word get into us."

Thank you, Gay!

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