Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Memorization Tips from Attendees of 100 Days of Scripture!

I thought I would share the ideas that everyone was sharing with one another about Bible Memory. Hopefully we all will find something here that will help each one of us!

Jon Warnes: "#1 I am a morning person. So learning when I am at my 'best' mentally has been a good help in the past. Find your best time of the day for you.
#2 Reading the verse several times, then practicing it by writing the verse on paper until it is 'cemented' in my brain."

Nargis Patterson:
"Here is a system I use with my daughter to review Bible facts and am going to try to use it to help me with the 100 verses. Most likely the last section (with the 31 dividers) will need to be adapted, but the system works quite well to review learned materials. Hope this is useful to someone. :o)"
Scripture Memory System – Simply Charlotte Mason
An easy yet effective system to memorize and recall hundreds of Bible verses. Takes about five minutes per day.

Deb Parks: "I am going to do this, too! But I think I will make a notebook of the verses I memorize. For one thing, experts say you will remember something better if you see it, write it, and say it outloud. Also, if I have them recorded, I can easily go back and review them."

Darwin Hunter :"Write it out on a card, and put it where youhave to look at it (in the kitchen or on a mirror) and just refer to it all day."

Laura Warnes: "When the boys were doing Greek as well as learning many Bible memory verses at BVBID, they wrote the verses that they were working at on index cards and then hole punched them on the corner in order to attach them to large rings that clasp shut that you can purchase in the office/supply sections of stores. They are really inexpensive and come in packages with many in them so you can get a number of them at once.
Anyway, this way, you can keep these in your pockets or purses and pull them out all day when you have an extra five minutes. Think about all those extra minutes in your day that you can be meditating on God's Word...standing in line at the grocery store, riding in the car (so long as you are not the driver), during commercials, if you watch TV, while the kids are napping, instead of playing games on FB :) We really do have lots of extra dead minutes during the day. And then we could flip through the old verses as well as the new ones.
Also, one tip I was given that has helped me a lot, is to place the scripture reference at the beginning of the verse. Otherwise, I tend to learn the scripture, but I never remember where it is :)
I have found that when I am out of practice in my memory work, I am really slow and discouraged at first, which is where I will be again. But when I get going, God blesses my efforts and it gets easier and easier, so I encourage everyone to just do their best and God will bless our efforts!!"


Jon Warnes said...

Here are some more suggestions by participants:

Alicia Nicole Bookout: "We are ready! I've got the weeks verses sticking all over our kitchen cabinets"

Gradeen Tribble:
"Okay - I'm ready for tomorrow. I purchased 100 index cards bond with a spiral binding so I can keep it in my purse and pull it out at work and other places during the day to study. I also purchased Avery Labels to use on the computer, type out the scripture peel it off and stick it to the index card. Nice and neat to memorize from."

Sue Palmer:
"Wow, I just clicked yes....then reason(?) came to me that, I can't remember like I use to....what am I doing saying yes to memorizing 100 verses!!! Then another thought came to me...."In Christ, ALL things are possible" (kinda put me in my place) so bring it on!!!"

Jon Warnes
‎*Memory Tip* "Immersion"; Experts say when learning a new language, immerse yourself into the language for best results. Let's take that same concept with Scripture memory! Jump right into God's Word and surround yourself with Scripture while attending the 100 Days of Scripture (memorizing 1 verse a day, for 100 days!)...Then, let's watch the verses 'stick' to your heart!
‎*Another memory tip* "Chunking"; Chunking breaks a long list of numbers or other types of information into smaller, more manageable chunks. How do you remember phone numbers? Is it; 3035556789, OR (303) 555-6789. Or how about your Social Security number? 564-76-4321 OR 564764321?This method may help those 'unmanageable', longer texts of Scripture."

*Another tip*..Take it Day-by-Day!!

Jon Warnes said...

Christine Mayercik Berglund:
,"I bookmarked the first one in YouVersion app. I think it's gonna work! That way I can go back and review while I'm waiting in lines or whatever. Olive Tree would do the same only in limited translations (or high prices). My Touch Bible app is already "cluttered" with a lot of bookmarks so that one was out, but depending on what other people are using, this might be helpful to them as well. Some of us are too feeble minded to remember to carry 100 cards!"

Jon Warnes said...

More ideas...

La Rosa Baker:
"this is the day the Lord has made and I am truly glad in this, having been writing the first scripture, at least 100 times to help get it into my long term memory by wearing a path in my brain this way it will always be there when I need instant recall."

Julia Parish
For those of us who learn well through writing or typing verses, here's a very helpful site for memorization as well as for organizing your list of verses!
Scripture Typer - Free Bible Memory Verse System - Easily Memorize Scripture Verses Online
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